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Malediction Fan Art: Bramble by Brian Anderson

Ever wonder what some of the characters from Malediction look like? We’ve all got certain images in mind, but Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Dog/The Conjurers) has done us a solid […]


Witching&Bitching and Event Horizon

For those that are still paying attention to the CB, posting will get funky due to the holidays. You see, I’ll be working several Sundays (3 to be exact.) from […]

Walt Shuler

Malediction: Chapter 7, Part 4

I stumbled back a step, almost falling, but Lazda’s gnarled old hand caught my arm and held me up. Pain flared; I could feel his fingers digging into the flesh, […]


phantoms and unrest

The horror movie selection on Netflicks Instant is getting slim for myself. Most of what they have, I’ve already seen and written up on the CB. Still, I did manage […]

Walt Shuler

Malediction: Chapter 7, Part 3

I walked toward the U-shaped cashier counter in front of the liquor wall, boots thudding loud on the wooden floor. “Anyone home? I’m looking for work,” I added, although if […]


Mine Games and Creepshow 2

Sunday morning brings coffee and blood. This time around on the CB, I’ll be covering two that I watched on Netflicks Instant. First up is the 2012 “Mine Games.” Here’s […]

Walt Shuler

Malediction: Chapter 7, Part 2

To say I went east is a bit misleading. You go where the work is, and the work tends to move around a lot. A harvest here, a barn raising […]


Mimic and Wrong Turn 6

I was really shocked at the crappy “Halloween Favorites” selection on Netflicks Instant last week. Halloween 6 was the only selection from the “Halloween” franchise on Netflicks Instant and it […]

Walt Shuler

Chapter 7: The Past, A Sojourn in Purgatory

I fled from betrayal into desolation. At one stroke, I was severed from the life I’d known, such as it was. There was no real sadness involved. The only thing […]


Halloween part 6 and Friday the 13th part 7

That time of year where all the ghouls and goblins come out to play is just a few days away. With that in mind, I went “old school” with my […]

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