Malediction: Chapter 11, Part 5

The Joined shrieked, the sound loud enough to rattle the windows in their casements, but it did not release me. I shoved the stake in farther, feeling it push through flesh and brain matter, finally stopping when it reached the back of the skull. Black ooze and pus spurted from the eye, drenching my hand, […]

Malediction: Chapter 11, Part 4

I fumbled at my side, drawing my knife. Blindly, I stabbed out, feeling it pierce flesh. The monster jerked back and the knife few from my hand. Even then, it did not release its grip on me. It was crushing me beneath its weight as those groping, bloodied, blackened fingers slowly cut the blood supply […]

A Change of Venue…Sorta

So, I figured I’d do an “official” blog post about the change in venue for the Brews Reviews. After reviving them here, and a lot of thought, I’ve decided that they should really go somewhere else. There’s just a lot of stuff, and it doesn’t tie in with SFIP all that well. To that end, […]

Malediction: Chapter 11, Part 3

I took a step down the aisle, then another. The whisper came again, louder this time, almost a human voice. A prayer of supplication? A cry for mercy in the face of utter destruction? A curse? Then I was at the podium and my light revealed the hanging Christ in all his bloody glory. The […]

Malediction: Chapter 11, Part 2

If I’d had a dime for everything that set Bramble off, my financial position would have been much more secure. The strangest things could bother the imp – a stray cat, too much moonlight, a broken cigarette, unsmoked and wasted. I’d learned to take his warnings with a grain or five of salt. “Whatever’s in […]

Malediction: Chapter 11, Part 1

I arrived in Copper Creek in early spring of 1940, hitching a ride with a farmer carrying produce to supply the miners. It was a dying place even then. Only about half the buildings that mounted in tiers up the sides of the canyon were in serviceable repair, and those that weren’t were sun-bleached and […]

Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter – A Review

Ok, I had a lot of possibilities here with the reboot of our craft brew reviews, with almost a year’s worth of sampled brews to choose from. However, I figured I’d start us off on a high note with a rundown of Duck-Rabbit’s Baltic Porter. I’ll also be introducing the new rating system with this post. The rating system is pretty similar to others out there, with one difference. I’ll do a pairing for music and/or movies instead of food.

Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter

Body: Full bodied and smooth mouthfeel.

Hops/Malt: Lots of malt, but not completely without hops.

Color: Black/tan head.

Taste/Flavor: Lots of subtle nuances, but no burnt taste as with several other porters I’ve tried. Chocolate, coffee, roasted nuts. As with most beers worth your while, this one is better between 50-55 degrees, not straight from the fridge.

Finish: Roasted and very slightly sweet.

ABV: 9%

Overall: It’s a damn fine beer. In all honesty, probably one of the very best I’ve tried from any brewery. It’s super hard to find, too. I’ve found it exactly once, and purchased it immediately. I haven’t run across it since, either, but you can bet I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it.

Movie and/or Music Pairing: Dark and smooth, Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter would pair well with Dark City, or pretty much any album from Morphine.

Rating: 5 of 5 bottle caps – If you like darker beers, and even if you don’t, this one is definitely worth your time.

Malediction: Chapter 10, The Present

M trailed off, gaze straying to the massive windows opening over the view of Atlanta. Bramble patted his knee, sniffing a wad of snot back up his snout. “Lazda, good,” he muttered, before wandering back to his corner and wrapping spindly arms around equally spindly knees. “Fatman and the Blade,” Silas chuckled. “I know those […]

Malediction: Chapter 9, Part 7

“Fuck yourself, demon spawn,” Lazda’s voice was tight, brittle, a branch weighed down by too much snow and about to snap. “Fuck yourself and fuck your prince.” Fatman’s eyes blazed. “You’ll learn to show some respect to your betters!” He slammed the rod into the flat of his palm and a crackling red energy exploded […]

Malediction: Chapter 9, Part 6

Fatman reached into his coat pocket and pulled something out. I couldn’t tell what it was exactly, dwarfed as it was in the man’s meaty fist. Lazda seemed to recognize it. My teacher recoiled, backing into the counter. “Know what this is then? Good. I won’t have to convince you that telling us what you […]