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Halloween part 6 and Friday the 13th part 7


That time of year where all the ghouls and goblins come out to play is just a few days away. With that in mind, I went “old school” with my Netflicks selection this week. It’s been years since I’ve seen either of these so it was like watching movies I’ve never seen. When it comes…

Chapter 6: The Present, Revelations

Walt Shuler

Well, we’re back in the present. As M is face to face with Silas once more, I thought it appropriate to toss up some of the art Brad did as a promo for Malediction – a little look at Silas’ dual nature.   “And that’s how I met Bramble,” M said, raising his glass of…

Satan’s little helper and Dead Silence


I managed to get in two movies off of Netflicks this week. Since Halloween is creeping in that much closer, how could I not watch the 2004 “Satan’s little helper.” Here’s the description…A naive young boy unknowingly becomes the pawn of a serial killer. What I liked about it…It had a cool concept and the…

Malediction: Chapter 5, Part 5

Walt Shuler

Ready for something different? Here’s a quadruple-sized update on Malediction – the rest of chapter 5 is live   In the end, it was more blind luck that let me escape from that place than skill or smarts. I decided to explore the environs of my room, dark though it was. My eyes had adjusted,…

Creeping Crawling and Wer


I wondered into the video store and came out with the two that I’ll be covering today. First up is the 2012 “Creeping Crawling.” Here’s the description…An eccentric Entomologist tells three dark tales about the creeping crawling insects that burrowing through the walls of homes, eating through our intestines, and for some of us, driving…

Malediction: Chapter 5, Part 4

Walt Shuler

“What…” I began, my tongue tripping over itself to ask the most obvious question, but Alistair interrupted me. “Ah ah,” he wagged a finger in my face, a knowing smile creasing his lips. “Don’t ask questions you’re not prepared to learn the answer to, boyo.” His accent was strange. There was an odd lilt to…

The Monkey’s Paw and The Tortured


Can you believe it’s October already? The cool weather has set in, the leaves are turning and it seems like only yesterday I was posting a blog about trying to post a CB every Sunday for a full year. Now that year is almost over and I have some…disappointing news. I’ll be bringing the CB…

Malediction: Chapter 5, Part Three

Walt Shuler

Everywhere my eye turned, there were things of bronze, of stone, of brass and silver and wood. No iron or steel was in evidence, though. Only the door, that massive, graven portal. Oddly, I found The Wasteland churning through my mind, fitting itself to this bizarre place so perfectly my skin crawled. And I will…

Dead Within and The ABCs of Death


It’s Sunday so that means it’s time for me to talk about all things bloody. In this CB review, I’ll be bringing you reviews on two that are on Netflicks Instant. The first is the 2014 “Dead Within.” Here’s the description…Six months after the outbreak, a man and woman have survived by isolating themselves in…

Malediction: Chapter 5, Part 2

Walt Shuler

Heth jerked the leash hard, and the iron collar cut deep into the back of my neck. The trickle of blood became a river, soaking through my shirt, and then running down inside my trousers. I felt it trickling down the backs of my legs. Stars danced in my vision and the world went wavery.…

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